Noels testimony

Hi my name is Noel and this is my experience from Campus La Marina.

noelThis was my first time at the camp, and I wasn’t dissapointed. I don’t know if it was as fun before when I wasn’t at the camp but this year it was epic. I don’t want too brag or anything but it might have been because me and Emil Karlander was there. But seriously it was really fun.

The day I arrived it feelt like it was goona be fun but still tough because of the heat in Spain. The first practice was ok but not the exciting but the night practice was really fun. We had a relaxed practice with 1v1 moves and some postmoves. After the first night they waked you up with the song Blurred Lines. The song is good but if I put it like this it gets a bit annoying when you realize they don’t have any other song. So each morning you went up so you could put you headphones in and listen too some good music.

The food was good. The serving was a bit different from Sweden where I live. Shout out to Sweden the country with the most balling people in the world. Just kiding but anyways, they served you the food which was nice because in Sweden you have to server yourself your food.
The second day they had divided us in to groups, my group had to run to a camping each practice which was fun if you like runing. The second day we had a 3v3 tournament in which me and my friends Emil and Erik teamed up.
The third day was as the second day but we had a 2v2 tournament. In the 2v2 tournament me and Emil teamed up we made it to the final and then the 08:or came and fucked it up.
The fourth day it was 1v1. 1v1 was fun because you could show of your skills.
The fifth day we went to the beach. At the beach they had some fun but sick games were you run in to the water get weat then role in the sand. In the evening we had shooting competions we shot 2 and 2. You could get diffrent points 1, 2, 3, 4, 6. Not to brag now but me and my friend Emil won the whole thing we were ”ON FIRE!” Mickey and Santi didn’t stand a chance.

Now to the sixth day it was like all the other days. In the evening we had games between Sweden and Spain. The girls lost their game we don’t have to talk about that. What we have to talk about is that the swedish guys won big over the spanish guys so well as I said earlier Sweden represent. And the small kids played it tie but seriouslt the Swedish kids won.
In the end they had an All-Star game and well as you maybe knew me and Emil was in the All-Star team. That was to brag if you wonder. I forgot but after each practice we went to the pool and relaxed.The last day we just ate breakfest and packed our bags. Shortly said I had a wonderful time and I was ”ON FIRE!” the whole camp Emil was ”ON FIRE!” too.

And I’m coming back next year. So you won’t have to miss me guys. Borja see you next year then I’m going to be much taller and you will really have too look up on me.

Haris next year me and Emil have to have our own blogg.

See you guys I miss you all and hope too se you guys next year.